Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the Go

I'm in the middle of debugging the new offseason functionality (I don't recommend it unless you're already an alcoholic), so here are a few pictures I snapped in the last week or so.

The first is our cat Gracie, and the giraffe is life-sized, obviously. It always fascinates me when different species become friends--in this case, the world's smallest cat and a wooden giraffe:

We were in Target last weekend (I think it was last weekend--there have been so many hockey trips that I basically walk around in a daze now) and this caught my eye:

That's "Villain" cologne. It's worth expanding the image to see the Disney-style cobra. Who's the market here--the Jafar demographic?

I've seen duct tape used in many creative ways, but this stood out. The driver-side mirror apparently got torn off the car, and it was re-mounted entirely with duct tape (not very well).

For some reason, I was reminded of when I was a kid (enter the wayback machine), and some of my friends had parents who put plastic covers on all the furniture. They fit snugly (form-fitting and obviously made for that specific piece of furniture).and you could never mess up the furniture by spilling something on it, because it was encased in plastic. What I remember most, though, is that if you sat in one place for more than a few minutes, your legs would sweat. And the furniture squeaked when you sat down.

So here's the obvious question when I combine the photograph with the memory: if you bought a new car, and covered it with duct tape, would it ever wear out?

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