Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Week's Badass: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"Out of my way, Ruth Bader Ginsburg!" I bellowed. I was in the living room doing push-ups, with Eli 11.6 laughing next to me.

There was an article today about Justice Ginsburg (one of my favorite SCOTUS justices) and how she works out for an hour with a personal trainer twice a week. That's impressive enough for an 81-year-old, but then there was this:
...she cranks out an impressive number of push-ups during her twice-weekly workout sessions with personal trainer, Bryant Johnson."Now I'm up to 20..." she said.

I've been doing 10-15 push-ups a day, just to do some kind of upper body work, because my workouts now are almost all lower body. And I somehow tricked myself into feeling decently about doing 15 push-ups, which is sad, but I didn't know it was sad until I read the article about Ginsburg.

Now, an 81-year-old is pushing me forward.

How many push-ups did I do tonight? 21. And the worst part is that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it to 30. So if Justice Ginsburg gets any stronger, I'm in big trouble.

Here's the article, by the way: Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Supreme Court Justice Who Can Do More Push-Ups Than You.

Eli thought it was quite funny that I was trying to beat an 81-year-old, 5' 1/2" woman at push-ups. And it was, but it's not as funny as if I had done 19.

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