Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Correction (LEGO City: Undercover)

LEGO City: Undercover has turned into appointment gaming in the last week.

We're playing in sandbox mode now, and it's just brilliant. There things to do absolutely everywhere, so all we need to do is get a car, drive around, and look for opportunities.

What I like to do most is climb. I'll find a huge building, then look around for some kind of access. There are all kinds of goodies on the way up, and when I reach the top, I might just jump off, or sail down a zip line, or use a jetpack.

At some point yesterday, it hit me: this is not Grand Theft Auto: LEGO. That's not the vibe at all. I wasn't playing GTA LEGO.

I was playing LEGO: CRACKDOWN.

Crackdown was a top five Xbox 360 game, maybe even top three. It was over-the-top fantastic, even with its mistakes. So imagine a game that has a better and longer mission structure and even more imagination. That's LEGO City: Undercover.

What stands out most for me is the sheer amount of exhilaration I feel while just running around having fun. Eli 11.8 and I take turns playing, and the game is so interesting and crazy that it's fun to watch each other play.

I basically had two games in this category, until now: Crackdown and Just Cause 2. It's a very small club. Now there are three games, because LEGO City: Undercover just got admitted.

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