Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New Word

I had one of those old man moments yesterday.

I'd worked out about an hour previous, and I was in my study working on GS. I stood up from the chair and my back seized up.

This happens about once every two years or so. Something will trigger my back, and then I'm walking around like a 100-year-old man for a week. If I just keep walking around, though, and avoid sitting too long in once place, it gets better and I'm fine.

I had a very fortunate appointment with my doctor scheduled for about an hour later ( blood work to test my cholesterol level, which is fine), and while I was there I asked her about my back. So I left her office with a prescription for a muscle relaxer.

I waited until that night to take anything, because Eli had goalie practice, but when we got home I took half a pill. And it made me slightly sleepy, and my back stopped hurting, but I didn't notice much else.

We watched a recorded episode of "Veep" that lasted until about 10:30. Then I went back through the program list and saw a program I didn't recognize.

"What's this?" I asked Gloria.

"I don't know," she said.

"Oh, I remember," I said. "I taped about two hours past the Bruins-Blackhawks game on Saturday in case it went to bazoople overtime."

I would normally say "bajillion" or something like that, so I'm crediting the medication with the invention of the word "bazoople".

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