Thursday, June 20, 2013

Game 7

It's halftime of Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

This has been one of my favorite Finals series ever in basketball, since I'm both a Spurs fan and a fan of LeBron James, so no matter who wins, I'm happy. Happier if the Spurs win, but happy either way.

Watching LeBron James, though, is always amazing. In all the years I've watched basketball (back to around 1970), he's the single smartest player I've ever seen on a basketball court. As smart as guys like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were, they're not even close.

I noticed something about basketball tonight, though. When the NBA Finals go to Game 7, it's usually not a well-played game. Guys are tight, and they shoot poorly and make bad passes. Plus everyone is playing defense as hard as they can, which makes it even more difficult.

Bad basketball is not terribly entertaining. Sloppy basketball is just sloppy.

Sloppy hockey, in comparison, is often quite thrilling, with the sloppiness leading to more scoring chances and general chaos. The Stanley Cup game last night was 6-5 in overtime, with lousy defense and sloppy play in general, and it was fantastic.

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