Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Damn it, Kickstarter

Seriously, look at this: Lacuna Passage.

The events of Lacuna Passage take place entirely on Mars; however, the man-made structures, capsules, and vehicles are all accurate to proposed and potential Mars expeditions. You will discover habitat modules, science facilities, a greenhouse, weather monitoring stations, pressurized rovers, and more. Many of these locations will provide you with a temporary respite from the harshness of the Mars landscape. In our quest for accuracy we have been in contact with several aerospace engineers and scientists to help us with these mission designs.

 In creating a first-person exploration game the challenge has been to make you feel as if you are an astronaut inside a space suit. To support this idea we have created a user interface that is entirely within the fictional bounds of the game. All information displayed in your helmet is projected with high contrast lighting against the inside glass, similar to the technology that drives heads-up displays in modern fighter jets and other vehicles.

Many survival games focus on arbitrary statistics like “Stamina” or “Fear”, things that are difficult to quantify in the real world. In Lacuna Passage we have very specific survival metrics that are measured via urinalysis and blood analysis directly within your suit.

Monitoring your sodium and potassium levels, blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature and more allow you to have a complete picture of Jessica’s physical condition and stave off starvation or dehydration.

That cannot be resisted.

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