Tuesday, July 02, 2013


DQ VB.Net Advisor Garret Rempel had this to say about the "NSA-Proof font" mentioned in Friday Links:
Two letters: "Ha!"

It's an awareness experiment and has nothing to do with security. The only thing an encryption font (think CAPTCHA) is good at is trying to dodge OCR technology... in printed or image-rendered material.

It will do less than nothing in electronic communication, and sending emails in this ridiculous font is pointless. An "A" is still ascii code 65 (or encoded as 01000001) whether it is rendered as an "A" or a "ยข".

Unfortunately (despite his disclaimers on the webpage), this kind of thing only serves to mislead those who believe that changing their font will allow them to avoid surveillance. That somehow this can serve as a substitute for encryption (which they don't understand) but easier.

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