Thursday, June 20, 2013


I forgot to mention when I made the zip line post that a woman in our group was in her 70s and had a tattoo that said "BRING IT ON."

Gloria walked up to me today and said, "There's an international conspiracy to prevent me from getting anything done today."

"Wouldn't I already know that?" I asked.

Eli 11.10 created himself in NHL 13. I saw him editing the ratings, and he was giving himself all 99s. "You might want to drop that glove hand rating just a bit," I said.

"WHAT? Did you seriously just say that?"

"You know, the flash save," I said. "Sometimes it's hard for you to flash that glove fast enough."

"Oh, I'm proving you wrong tonight at practice," he said. "You just wait."

So he went to practice tonight and played like an absolute boss, including some spectacular glove saves.

"I guess you can keep that 99," I said.

"I guess I showed you," he said, laughing.

I guess he did. Heh.

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