Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Well, this is going to be huge:
Northwestern football players seek to unionize; what does the development mean?

I've been expecting this day to come for years. And it's going to be messy, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

Even better, here's a quote from Northwestern Athletic Director Jim Phillips:
We love and are proud of our students. Northwestern teaches them to be leaders and independent thinkers who will make a positive impact on their communities, the nation and the world. Today’s action demonstrates that they are doing so.

That's impressive. Instead of screaming that this will DESTROY COLLEGE FOOTBALL (you don't have to look far to find ADs screaming this), Mr. Phillips says he's proud of them.

Eli 12.5 will be ready for college hockey recruitment in another 4.5 years or so, and I will encourage him to consider Northwestern, both as a terrific academic school and as a place where people are encouraged to be strong instead of obedient. 

That is very, very important.

Right now, he thinks he wants to go to Boston College (both for hockey and for academics). I can hardly believe that within a few years, we'll actually be having substantive conversations about this.

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