Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Console Post: Nintendo

Nintendo released their annual earnings report today. They lost $456 million dollars.

Will U sales are catastrophically poor. For the year, 2.72 million units were sold, worldwide. That's roughly 226,000 units a month.

As a point of reference, a 225,00 unit month, in the U.S. alone, in a non-holiday month, would be considered "solid". Do you know how long the Wii sold over 225,000 units a month--in the U.S. alone--after it launched?

Fifty-four months. Consecutively.

Nintendo's original unit forecast for the fiscal year was 9 million units.

I've said this before, but there's no turning this around. I like the Wii U, personally, but there's no fixing this, even if the price dropped to $199. It's terminal.

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