Monday, May 12, 2014

Gridiron Solitaire #105: Bugs!

This is my favorite headline ever:

Yeah, that's a bug (introduced by the new kickoff code). Here's the bug report:
I'm experiencing a new bug today. The opposing team scored a field goal on their first play of the 2nd quarter.  Since their kickoff after the field goal, the game has been stuck in a loop where the kickoff image and sound plays, there's a "X team returns the ball" type message, then the "turnover!" card shows up.  The result of the kickoff seems to have no bearing the looping (I'm seeing everything, including fumbles).  It's alternating between each team as it goes on (home, away, home, away...) and each play consumes 10 seconds of clock time.  The yardage metrics aren't changing; it continues to stay at "ball on 35" regardless of the loop's outcome.

 At least once the play turned into a turnover, and it also played the "offense recovers" card, but then it went back to the loop.  This may have happened more than once; I've been letting it go on in the background to see what happens when the quarter half ended (which just happened): It played the band music, then the "turnover" card appeared before the halftime stats.  On the plus side, it captured the turnover metrics correctly: 67 for Miami, 68 for Detroit.

After the kickoff at the half, the game has returned to normal.

On the positive side, turnovers were counted correctly. 

Usually, when someone reports a bug, I have at least a general idea of what might be happening. This time? Not a clue. Well, actually, there are clues:
1. Field goal on first play of second quarter.
2. The referee turnover card shows no matter the actual result of the return.
3. No plays from scrimmage are being run.

This is going to be difficult to fix, but on the plus side, I only have four bugs right now, and the other three are very minor.

I'm getting to play the game again, which is a relief after spending so much time adding code. Now I can just fix bugs (like the one above) and polish. Fredrik is finishing up a few additional images to add, and I have to revise help, and then 1.3 can be released.

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