Monday, May 19, 2014

Gridiron Solitaire #106

That delightful kickoff bug from last week has been squashed. I have fond memories.

The bug list is down to one. I still have to revise help and rebalance difficulty, plus Fredrik is still finishing a few images.

All in all, though, that's not much.

I'm not adding anything else to this build. There comes a point when it's just time to release something, and it's time, so I'm just going to finish up what remains as quickly as possible and get it out. That probably means two more weeks for testing.

What I'm very happy about, though, is that after I felt like I lost a little energy in terms of gameplay, I've gotten it back in the last few days. The pace is right again. The game is exciting, and I got back the two minutes in length I gave up last week.

Apologies for the entirely anemic length this week. Lots of work going on, but not much to discuss right now.

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