Monday, May 26, 2014

Gridiron Solitaire: The Big Time

From Fredrik:
You made it big time now, Bill. Gridiron is being pirated.
It's been a long, dirty road, but I'm glad I kept moving forward. Piracy!

That must be quite a notch on someone's +2 Belt of Theft. This is taking completionism to an entirely new level.

This is quite surprising, obviously, but not upsetting. People who download .rar files with pirated software are not my target audience, and they wouldn't have bought the game anyway. So no harm done at all.

1.3 is going to kill me, although as of this afternoon, all known in-game bugs have been fixed. So now it's images, mostly, with Fredrik making small tweaks as I drive him crazy with nitpicking.

He's a patient fellow.

I still have to revise help, which is going to be lengthy and difficult. And balancing difficulty is going to be tough, because I'm not sure what to do on Easy except add additional Big Play presses.

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