Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Links!

Have a look at some crazy tornado footage: Raw video: Massive twin tornadoes touch down simultaneously in Nebraska.

From Jeff Fowler, and this hoverboard is mind-blowing (and will supply Funniest Home Video shows with decades of footage): This gnarly aquatic hoverboard defies the laws of shredding.

From Michael Gilbert, and resurrection! Action Park reopens Saturday embracing its ‘Traction Park’ reputation.

From Wallace, and who knew that Tolkien worked on a translation of Beowulf for thirty years?
Slaying Monsters: Tolkien’s “Beowulf”. Also remember those German tanks in WWII? Well, they were less important than these: German Horse Cavalry and Transport.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and these are enormously clever: Signs From The Near Future. Also, and this is quite interesting, it's The designer of the F-16 explains why the F-35 is such a crappy plane.

From Steven Kreuch, and while I still don't always get soccer, this is certainly a nice read about fandom in the U.S.: In This Together.

From Ken, and this is another clever bit of optical illusion: OK Go - The Writing's On the Wall.

From Frank Regan, a lovely tribute to Tony Gwynn, who sadly passed away earlier this week: I Was Tony Gwynn's Bat Boy.

From Dan Willhite, and if the game is even 5% as endearing as the video about the making of the game, it will be fantastic: British dev releases game he spent 13 years making. He also mentions many of the things that I feel about Gridiron Solitaire.

From Meg Lawrence, and this is terrific: Ever felt cow's belly? One man's quest to revive the lost language of the natural world.

Here's a link from DQ Reader Me, and it's an engrossing history: How Bell Labs Almost Put a Videophone in Every Home.

From Glenn Trembath, and this is a fascinating read--about pitching of all things: THE ESSENCE OF VELOCITY: THE PITCHING THEORY THAT COULD REVOLUTIONIZE BASEBALL, IF ONLY THE SPORT WOULD EMBRACE IT. Lots of Caps!

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