Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Screwed: The NCAA

To get up to speed, please read this: NCAA fumbles cross-examination in O'Bannon trial.

That's no surprise, because the NCAA and their position on "amateur" athletics was doomed as soon as the case actually went to trial. It's possible for an organization with tremendous power to be incredibly illogical and indefensible, but only in the absence of confrontation.

Now, though, it's different. NCAA President Mark Emmert has to testify today--perhaps for multiple days--and it's going to go very, very poorly for him.

So are the athletic directors around the country correct when they say that the end of this sham system will destroy college athletics? Of course not, and the wildly exaggerated nature of their claims is a tipoff that nothing they say can be trusted.

I'll post an update later about Emmert's testimony when I see a story.

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