Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014: Sony

Please note the nifty collection of trailers available at Engadget: All the games from Sony's PlayStation event at E3 2014.

Sony's presentation priorities, as expressed in minutes per subject:
9 minutes--Little Big Planet 3
8 minutes--Destiny
7 minutes--Far Cry 4
4 minutes--Metal Gear Solid 5
3 minutes--Bloodborne (Hidetaka Miyazaki. First day purchase.)
3 minutes--The Order
3 minutes--Dead Island 2
3 minutes--Entwind (available now as a downloadable title)
3 minutes--PSN
3 minutes--PSNow
2 minutes--PS TV
2 minutes--Let It Die (Suda 51 yes)
2 minutes--Abzu
2 minutes--No Man's Sky
2 minutes--Second Son DLC
2 minutes--Mortal Kombat 10 (Dear God no, make it stop)
1 minute--Battlefield Hardline
1 minute--Magicka 2
1 minute--Grim Fandango remaster (Yes and Yes)
1 minute--Last of Us demonstration (remastered for PS4, coming next month)

There was also an Uncharted reveal at the very end, but it only lasted a minute or so, since the game won't be out until next year.

The theme of E3? "Not this year." I can't ever remember so many announcements and so few games coming out before the end of the year. That also affects the amount of time given to individual games--something like the new Uncharted will get 10 minutes next year as it nears release.

This year's buzzword: "open world." Thank goodness for that, because corridor shooters deserve to die. In a hail of FPS gunfire.

I think Sony has a more interesting slate of games, but Microsoft certainly learned from last year's E3 disaster. They were far more effective this year than last.

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