Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Links!

From Chris Pencis, and this is terrific: The Fermi Paradox. Next, and Renaissance Man Chris Kluwe is at it again: Chris Kluwe: How augmented reality will change sports ... and build empathy.

This is quite wonderful: Why the moon landings could have never EVER been faked. 6% of Americans believe the moon landings were faked. I weep for humanity.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and it's a laser beam: Everything is Broken. Next, and this is tremendous: Found In Translation. This is just crazy: The Art of Street Crossing in Vietnam. Believe it or not, this title is entirely accurate: Cloud shark drooling a rainbow. Another, and it's fascinating: The Mystery Of Bouvet Island.

From C. Lee, a fascinating monologue by game director Taro Yoko (second video on the page): the nature of video games .

Now I don't have to wonder about this anymore: This Is What Life Sounds Like Through a Cochlear Implant.

This is both brilliantly written and painful to read: Life and Death and the Heart of American Racing.

From Wallace, and this is a remarkable story: The Nazis Create a Mega-Budget Propaganda Film About the Ill-Fated Ship … and Then Banned It. Also, and this is bizarre: Kim Jong-il’s Godzilla Movie & His Free Writings on Film Theory. One more, and it's a funny, funny story: The Scary Ham.

From Wallace, and this is undoubtedly one of the greatest threads in the history of the Internet: Shrine of the Mall Ninja.

From Scott Gould, who is trying very hard to get me to start watching cricket (and he might succeed): Unbelievable turnaround in last 3 balls.

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