Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From The Future, Into The Past

Apple drives me nuts.

Buying an Apple product is like entering this isolated subculture of civilization that remained undisturbed for thousands of years. This culture has an incredibly advanced form of math that Western civilization has never seen before, but they have no toilet paper.

An example.

I have an iPad, and there's a Word document (a novel) that I want to read on the iPad. On an Android tablet, I can use a USB key to copy the file to the desktop. Or I could use Gmail and copy the file to the desktop. Or use ten other ways to copy the file to the desktop. In fifteen seconds.

With the iPad, I can't seem to do that. There's no File Manager. There's no way to use a USB key to bring in files. If I do copy the file from Gmail, I have no idea where to paste it, because it won't paste onto the desktop. Really? I can't copy and paste files?

I Googled this and there are additional things I can try, but Apple has tried so hard to make this simple that they've actually made it unnecessarily complicated.

Plus, there's Apple guy.

Every time I put up a post about Apple being stupid (because sometimes they are), I'll get an e-mail from Apple guy. If my iPad refused to boot up, Apple Guy would tell me that was actually a feature. Most of the time, Apple guy is someone who doesn't even read the blog on a regular basis. Does Apple have a secret army of Apple Guys who just scour the Internet for complaints and then tell the complainers that problems are actually features?

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