Thursday, July 10, 2014


Like I said last week, there's a big photo backlog.

That is not me, although I can see how you would be confused.

I did not purchase this next product, although I do admire their style:

Gloria and Eli 12.11 were at a park in Shreveport a few weeks ago, and she sent me this:

They didn't know where he got the candy, and I know it's not good for him, but talk about a windfall.

We went out of town for two scrimmages last month, and at the ice rink, we saw this:

Eli had two strong games (allowing one goal in each), and each time he skated off, I said "Well, you certainly are an Ice Skater Princess!"

Finally, when we were in San Diego, we stayed at a place that has a miniature golf course--with real grass. And it's beautiful, as you can see in the picture below.

Of course, everything's beautiful in San Diego.

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