Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Links!

Sorry, we're a little light this week heading into the Labor Day weekend, but the link quality is strong.

Leading off this week, from Steven Kreuch, and this is such a moving and inspirational story: My Name is Ken. Ken is a tetra-quadriplegic (all four limbs are paralyzed), and he's a gamer.

Here's another absolutely tremendous story, this one sent in by Guy Byars: The Most Amazing Lie in History: How a chicken farmer, a pair of princesses, and 27 imaginary spies helped the Allies win World War II.

From Meg McReynolds, and this is going to suck up at least thirty minutes of your morning, guaranteed: Where We Came From and Where We Went, State by State.

From Sirius, and I had no idea this was possible: Biting The Hand That Cooks You: Severed Cobra Head Bites, Kills Chef.

From C. Lee, and this is pretty fantastic: These Are the Brave and Fluffy Cats Who Served in World War I.

From Phil Honeywell, and while this is in German, here's a translation of the opening:
Two years is the little robotic Mars Curiosity on its way to the surface of the Red Planet. He fights his way over rocks and dunes and is often exposed to sandstorms. He regularly photographed themselves at work. The before and after pictures of NASA showing how the mission has changed him.

Here's the story: Ganz schön mitgenommen.

From Tim Lesnick, two links about video games and art. The first, and it includes what might be my single favorite game ever, it's Dwarf Fortress is changing how the MOMA preserves art. The second, and it's a terrific read: New MOMA exhibit embraces the art of video games as it explores their design.

These are wonderful images: pre-revolution American cars in Cuba.

From Marc Klein, and this is fantastic: The Rise of Beefcake Yoga.

From Todd J., and yes, I live in this state, sadly: From Texas, where everything is bigger, the 99-pack of beer.

From Eric Higgins-Freese, and this is both interesting and discouraging: Is America Dreaming?: Understanding Social Mobility.

Finally, here's a fascinating story to end the week with: The Making And Unmaking Of Preston Zimmerman, American Soccer Player.

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