Monday, August 11, 2014

Gridiron Solitaire #117: Redux

A zen koan (thanks):
A master who lived as a hermit on a mountain was asked by a monk,
"What is the Way?"

"What a fine mountain this is," the master said in reply.

"I am not asking you about the mountain, but about the Way."

"So long as you cannot go beyond the mountain, my son, you cannot
reach the Way," replied the master.

When it comes to difficulty, I've been ignoring the mountain.

Finally, though, I think I've solved the problem. How? By not solving the problem.

Instead, I will let the user solve the problem.

In the next release, there will be pre-set difficulty levels, but there will also be a custom difficulty level. With those settings, any user can fine-tune the game to provide them with maximum enjoyment at their current skill level.

I've been trying far too hard to "route" users through an experience I want them to have, instead of letting them have the experience they decide to have. Now, if they play on Veteran difficulty, they will have the experience I envisioned, one that I think is very challenging and satisfying.

However, they will also be able to roll their own experience, should they prefer. I just want people to have a good time, and if they have a good time, they will be more likely to dip their toe into the Veteran experience at some point.

We were in Detroit last week for goalie camp, so no code got written, but I'm back in full steam ahead mode, and I've made significant progress on the new Team History Museum. A build will be going out to testers later today, and it has most of the new functionality in place.

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