Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fortune's Tavern

I saw this description on Kickstarter yesterday:
Fortune's Tavern is a real-time, fantasy, tavern-simulator where you take on the role of Mathias Gambridge, the latest in a long line of owners of the notorious tavern. It's your job to rebuild and renovate the ailing tavern against the backdrop of a fantasy world at war.

...If you can struggle through the wars and the paranormal and still turn a profit, then an epic adventure awaits as you delve into the depths of the taverns 'endless' basements, with hired heroes to protect you, to discover the dark and terrifying secret of the tavern's founder, Xavier Fortune. Will you succeed, or like your predecessors, will you be driven into madness, poverty, and an early grave?

That entire description, when translated in my brain, says "IMMEDIATE BACKING REQUIRED."

The game has a very modest funding goal (£2800) and it's a very small team (3 1/2, including the developer's seven-year-old son), but the game looks terrific, and it's jam-packed with interesting ideas.

Here's the Kickstarter page (the trailer is excellent): Fortune's Tavern.

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