Monday, September 01, 2014

Gridiron Solitaire #120: Windows and Sound

First off, the window panels for the Team Museum are finished. I showed you a couple last week, and here are two more. First off, for the "desert" stadium, we actually went with a landscape view:

Resident Annoyance John Harwood noted that the area behind the bookshelf was very bare if a player didn't have season books yet, so Fredrik added that terrific league logo to give it some life.

Next, and this one is actually my favorite, the dome stadium:

I really like the curve of the stadium itself in the background. It makes me feel like the museum is part of a larger stadium complex.

That floor is still pretty bare if there are no championship trophies to display, so there's more life on the way. Fredrik is drawing a security guard that will actually be a button, and he will be interactive, with sound effects and speech bubbles that vary depending on how the team is doing.

I've been particularly bothered by a crowd loop that sometimes dipped in volume for no discernible reason, along with two particular sound effects that would sometimes play way too soft. The new sound code I wrote last week didn't fix either of those problems, but today I hunted both of them down. I'm looking forward to testing it tonight and seeing if the crowd is as dynamic and realistic as I'd always hoped, with no oddities.

I was hoping to released 1.2 today, but that's clearly not happening. It will still be before the NFL season starts, though, which is on Thursday.

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