Thursday, November 20, 2014

Droid Turbo (Verizon)

I'm one of those old codgers who still has unlimited data with Verizon. To keep it, though, I have to buy my phones outright, not get the subsidized upgrade every two years.

Because of that, I kept my Samsung S3 for a long time, through drops and repairs and etcetera. The battery was starting to go, though, and I decided it was time for an upgrade--subsidized by me--but I couldn't find a phone that I wanted for almost a year.

When the Droid Turbo was released recently, it looked like the phone for me, so I went to a Verizon store to have a look. Verizon stores have this quaint service model from the 1950s, because it takes 20 minutes, at least, to get any help.

I told the representative that I would be willing to give up unlimited data in exchange for a reasonable level of data and a lower monthly bill. Then she started explaining the options and the charges and I felt like I was at a carnival staffed entirely by grifters. I'm surprised she didn't go to the back and bring out the sacred texts, then spend an hour consulting them with Verizon elders. She said it would be more expensive to go from unlimited data to 6GB of data.

Well, that makes sense.

It was absolutely miserable in a customer service sense, so I thanked her and left.

I wound up buying the phone through another vendor, and I'm very glad I did, because this phone is a killer. It is ultra-fast, the display is gorgeous, the camera shoots great pictures and video, and the battery is utterly ridiculous. I can use it for two days, at least, before I need to recharge it, and then there's a "turbo" charger that will charge it roughly 1% a minute.

If you're looking for a phone, I highly, highly recommend this one. I think the Droid Turbo is exclusive to Verizon, but there will be slight variants popping up with everyone shortly, I assume.

I'm in the middle of an upgrade cycle, I guess, because I'm building a new PC next week as well. My current PC is about five years old, and I need more power for Visual Studio as well as critically important things like Oculus Rift support in Elite: Dangerous. And stuff.

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