Tuesday, December 16, 2014


After continuing to listen to tremendously enjoyable episodes of X Minus One, I don't know why someone isn't doing this today.

30-minute "radio" programs, delivered by podcast. One episode per month, $1.99 per episode. Production costs would be limited, tools to facilitate production are powerful and inexpensive, and there's definitely an audience for something like this.

I'll be getting an e-mail within fifteen minutes telling me that someone is actually already doing this. Well, good for them.

It's remarkable how evocative these programs can be, and I think a podcast could be very successful.

Second idea: why hasn't anyone made a documentary about someone who doesn't exist?

Create an imaginary life, then go back and interview people who should know this person, based on their background. Go to the college they supposedly went to and talk to their professors. Talk to some of the students. Get them to tell anecdotes about their relationship with this person.

A skilled interviewer would be able to elicit all kinds of false memories. It would be a treasure trove for a good director.

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