Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jury Duty, By The Numbers

I had jury duty yesterday.

It was in a non-criminal case, so all the cases either involved fines or civil disputes for less than $10,000.

There were 17 people in my jury pool, with 6 being seated for the jury. I was #15 (oh, yes), so I wound up not being seated.

What I learned yesterday: choosing a seat in the waiting area outside the courtroom follows the same rules as the urinal game.

The jury pool, as told by the shoes people wore:
Cowboy boots--2
Casual work shoes--2
Office dress shoes--1
Running shoes--3
Casual laced shoes (crepe soles)--1
Women's boots--3

That's only 16 pairs of shoes. The  last person was late and I didn't see her shoes.

Assorted numbers:
Sport coats--1
Non-matching shoes--1 (this was clearly a stylistic decision, not an accident)
People wearing glasses--7
Jury pool by sex: 8 women, 9 men
Jury pool by race: 13 "white", 4 Hispanic

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