Monday, March 09, 2015

Cities: Skylines

With the debacle that was the most recent SimCity, and the sad closing of Maxis last week, it somehow seems appropriate that a new city builder, one that is both beautiful and seemingly has great potential, will be released tomorrow.

It's Cities: Skylines, and if you hit the link, you will see that this is a stunning, beautiful game. And if it works, it's going to be spectacular.

Unfortunately, city builders are often a colossal mess at launch. Sometimes that mess gets straightened in time, sometimes it doesn't. I supposed I've made my choice on this one, though, since I pre-ordered through Steam.

I'll try to put up some impressions tomorrow. It's a bit dicey, because I'm putting in a major graphics revamp for Gridiron Solitaire (which involves repositioning roughly one billion controls), but I'll try to get enough time in to at least give you my initial thoughts.

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