Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Deep Freeze

At 3:30 today, it was 70.

Four hours later, it's 37. The low tonight is supposed to be 28. Here's the weather advisory:
... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from midnight tonight
to noon CST Thursday... 

* timing... Arctic air will pour into the area after 6 PM...  
  freezing rain and sleet should begin around midnight and 
  continue through noon Thursday. Temperatures should rise above 
  freezing after noon Thursday. 

* Main impact... freezing rain and sleet causing icing of 1/10 inch
  and possibly higher. This will make for icy roads and hazardous
  driving conditions. Iced tree branches may break in the strong
  gusty winds accompanying the storm system.

You'll be pleased to know that school has already been cancelled on Thursday. For the entire day.

It's not exactly Winnipeg, is it?

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