Monday, March 23, 2015

Make Better Decisions (parking lot edition)

I deeply regret not getting a picture of this, because it was both colorful and memorable.

I was driving through a Target parking last week after taking my mom to lunch for her birthday (85 and still kicking ass). In front of us was a short and fairly squat woman with curly dark hair, tights, and a light blue tennis skirt.

She was holding a giant medicine ball.

This ball was three times as big as a basketball. It was so big she could barely wrap her arms around it. It looked like a giant hacky-sack ball.

The woman suddenly threw (two-hand push) this ball as far in front of her as she could, and it was clearly a huge effort, because the ball's weight looked to be substantial.

Then she walked forward, picked the ball up, and did it again.

This was in a crowded section of parking lot, but she was completely oblivious to the cars. Squat. Lift. Throw. Chase. Repeat.

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