Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Shane Courtrille, and this is an utterly fascinating story: The Real “No-Go Zone” of France: A Forbidden No Man’s Land Poisoned by War.

From C. Lee, and this is a fascinating, multi-part article: The Great Shift in Japanese Pop Culture. Also, and this is terrific, it's HOW YOU'LL DIE ON MARS.

From Steven Davis, and this is fantastic: Wet Fold Origami Technique Gives Wavy Personality to Paper Animals by Artist Hoang Tien Quyet. Also, and I knew of none of this, it's The man who bought Stonehenge.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is very funny: “Real Life in Seattle” Amazon Parody Video. Also, and some of the details in this article are stunning, it's With rural Japan shrinking and aging, a small town seeks to stem the trend.

From my favorite music writer Chris Hornbostel, and this is just a masterpiece: Pretty Good: Larry Walters has a flying lawn chair and a BB gun. I remember when this happened, and it was spectacular.

From Craig Miller, and these are very funny: 19 Frustrations Every Programmer Can Relate To.

From Michael Gilbert, The Big Picture covered the flooding this week: Texas Flooding.

From Marc Klein, and this can't be easy: Pete Rose's brother: 'We could be closer'.

I ran across a slew of interesting things this week, starting with Why Does Food Taste Different on Planes? I unicycled this week (a mile and a half of pinwheeling embarrassment, since I hadn't ridden in a while), then I stumbled onto this: Best of Unicycling 2014 (because doing insane tricks on skateboards and bicycles just isn't hard enough). Today, I saw this: Anthropologists Have Discovered a Totally New Human Ancestor. This is very creepy, but fascinating as well: 7 Notorious Killers Who Actually Went Straight.

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