Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Must Build a Boat

I know--The Witcher 3 went live today--but believe it or not, I think I'm looking forward to this game more. Here's the press release from Luca:
I’m Luca Redwood, I made the critically acclaimed "10000000" which Rock Paper Shotgun recently listed as one of the "Top 25 Puzzle Games Ever Made" .

After 3(!) years in the making, the sequel - "You Must Build A Boat"  is coming out on June 4th. It’s very exciting, here is a trailer: You Must Build a Boat trailer.

I’m pretty chuffed with how its turned out, It’s got loads of cool new features, capturing monsters, building up your boat and adding new and exciting rooms, random and nonrandom dungeon modifiers that change how each run has to be be played 

It’ll be out at the same time on PC,Mac/Linux,iOS and Android. 

Thanks for reading! 


At one point in the trailer video, you see the boat you're building, and here's what's inside the boat:
--HD television
--a camel
--a green dude next to a fireplace
--a weight bench
--guy with sword
--a giant snake
--a dog
--a bed
--a caveman with club, apparently embracing a woman
--a library
--a spit (or a high jump pit--not sure)
--a Pharaoh?
--a pool table (or torture rack--not sure)
--the cosmos?

Oh yes, I am so, so in.

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