Thursday, June 11, 2015


That is a very, very happy dog. Once you play on ice, there's no going back.

I sent this picture to Eli along with this text: I found a court for us to play tennis on if the park courts are too crowded. Watch out for syringes!

He texted back: Those aren't darts, kids.

This is a picture for international readers. That's a 64 oz drink cup. I'm just waiting for some chain of convenience stores to up their game and have an 80 oz. cup with the slogan "Still thirsty?"

This picture was taken when Eli was four.

Almost a decade later, he may be 5'9", but he's still the same kind, gentle boy he's always been.

Also, I jumped 6'9" today. He only jumped 8'3". Moral victory.

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