Monday, June 08, 2015

You Must Build A Boat

Yes. Build the boat.

Every superlative I can say about a game belongs here. This is a triumph of game design, and the whimsy embedded in everything acts as an awesomeness multiplier.

This is also the fastest game I've ever played.

Seriously, it's fast. Lightning fast. It even seems too fast at first, but as you play, everything becomes more instinctive. After a few hours, you'll be doing everything without consciously thinking at all. It becomes an utterly fluid and absorbing experience.

If you played 10000000 (and boy, you should have), the basic difference in You Must Build a Boat is the new strategic layer added by the addition of the boat. The rooms in the boat harbor different upgrade opportunities, all of which are important to succeeding later in the game.

The upgrades serve another important purpose, along with the random environmental modifiers that are rolled for each run: they keep the game fresh. Every run becomes slightly different.

It all comes together nigh-perfectly, as wonderfully as anyone could have hoped for, and this game firmly establishes Luca Redwood as one of the greatest mobile game designers of this era.

Oh, and there's one more thing: This is a funny game. It has a very clever Wario feel of whimsy while you're on the boat, which is both charming and downright funny. The pixel graphics are also perfect for the game, which is no surprise, because Redwood's instincts are spot on the entire time.

You Must Build a Boat is available on everything, basically (PC, iOS, and Android). Go buy it immediately. Or sooner.

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