Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Great. The U.S. track program is dirty, but this time, it's not sprinters--it's long distance runners.

Here's the story: Top athletics coach Alberto Salazar faces doping claims.

Why am I so sure this story is correct and that Salazar is guilty? Two reasons. First, how many people have been accused of doping and then exonerated? That number is either zero or a tiny, tiny percentage. Second, this investigation was a collaboration between the BBC and ProPublica. It's not second rate outfits doing the investigating here.

Prediction: deny, deny, deny, deny, then tearfully confess, saying that Americans couldn't compete because the rest of the world was cheating, too.

I remember when steroids and PEDs in general were first being discussed in magazines like Sports Illustrated, and I remember them saying that they would change sports forever.

Man, have they ever. In the worst possible way, sadly.

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