Monday, July 20, 2015

Gridiron Solitaire #201: Screenshots of new version

Gloria and Eli 13.11 were in Shreveport Thursday-Sunday, so I had a window to put in all the new art Fredrik created in the last few months. Background screens, card decks, etc.

Putting in background screens sounds easy, but not when you have so many elements on each screen that need to be repositioned. It was a huge amount of meticulous (my least favorite) work. I didn't have a choice, though--that four-day window wasn't going to happen again, and goalie camp is coming up.

It wasn't easy, but I made it through. All background screens except one are in place now, and one of the two new card decks is in, along with all the code to support deck choice in the options menu. Fredrik is sending the other deck later today, and I requested a few small changes in the background screens.

What's left? There's a new scoreboard, and that's going to be an epic pain in the ass, because all the scoreboard elements have to be perfectly placed. Still, though, I've made a huge amount of progress, and hopefully the game looks substantially better.

Screenshots (and these are from the actual game, not mock-ups):

You'll see a little fuzziness in East/West in the next screenshot, but that's because East/West is part of the background graphic (as well as elements I place on the screen at run-time because the user can edit the division names). Fredrik's removing that and it will be clear.

Next are two offseason management screens:

That last screen, in particular, is much more dynamic than it was previously.

The button font has been finalized, but text fonts are still kind of in flux at this point (which is why you might notice that they're not completely consistent between screens.

I think a 95% complete version will be in the tester's hands before the end of this week.

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