Monday, July 27, 2015


It's utterly insane around here right now, so apologies for the small amount of content.

I'm trying to get the new test build out (just uploaded it) so the beta testers can see all the new graphics and try to break something. That's been an exhausting effort for the last week or so--for Fredrik, too, because he has tirelessly created and revised so that everything looks just right.

Plus, our poor little cat Gracie had back surgery today, believe it or not. She had been walking around with her tail down, then she couldn't control her left leg. She had a severely herniated disk in her back that resulted in 90% compression of her spinal cord (I think that's what they said).

I never said I would pay for a cat to have that kind of surgery, but she's only 10 and we all love the little annoyance. Eli 13.11 is very, very close to both our cats. So hopefully this will help stabilize her and she can resume knocking things off counters.

Eli has been a counselor in training at magic camp this summer. Today, one of his campers (who I think is about six) gave him a little puppet of himself. Have a look:

Big smile: check. Hair flow: check. Giant shoes: check. Juggling balls in hand: check.

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