Monday, July 06, 2015

Make Better Decisions, #17

Yeah, apologies for the aspect ratio.

We were eating at Krispy Kreme Sunday morning, and I looked out the window and saw a kind of burly guy sitting in the outdoor area.

Then I noticed his dog.

He had a little dog standing on his lap (look above his left shoulder), and they were the most peaceful couple I've ever seen. I watched them for at least five minutes, and neither one of them moved the entire time. Just hanging out together.

This was a good decision.

What was not a good decision were the shoes. Eli 13.11 identified those as vertical leap trainers, and I believe he's correct, because both shoes appear to have the same sole/midsole height.

This was not a good decision.*

*if he's wearing those shoes for some kind of medical reason, though, bad decision claim withdrawn. In that case, nothing to see here, and enjoy your small companion, sir.

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