Thursday, August 20, 2015

Detroit (the end, I promise)

Sorry--late start today because I'm trying to update all the marketing screenshots/gameplay trailers for Gridiron Solitaire so that I can go live with all the new material when 1.3 gets released.

Two interesting things, in particular, at the magic festival in Colon, although neither involved magic. The first was this:

This let to a round of joking between Eli and I. Imagine our shock, then, when we saw a woman drive up, pull an American flag out of her car, and deposit it in the mailbox. Who knew?

Here was the other remarkable moment:

Those are Cushman Eagle scooters, which were staggeringly popular 50+ years ago. There was a "gang" of seriously old folks who all pulled up together, those Cushman engines roaring like lawnmowers.

Even better, an even older fellow (80+, and he was a badass) who lived in Colon walked up, looked at all the scooters, and told us all about them. He said the original Cushman scooters only had 7 horsepower (is that possible?), but that a few of these scooters had the custom "Vanguard" engine which had 20+ horsepower. 

I remember seeing a ton of Cushman golf carts when I was a kid. I had no idea they made scooters, though, or that they were so hugely popular.

All right, one last trip picture. On the way back from Colon, we stopped at a Walgreen's in Battle Creek. For some incredibly awesome reason, they had a huge selection of merchandise from local high schools and colleges, including this:

That's the Kellogg Community College Bruins, baby! Also known as "My Favorite Shirt Now".

Trip summary: a good time was had by all. 

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