Monday, August 10, 2015

We're Back

Man, what a week in Detroit. And I have lots of info about the trip, but that's not starting until tomorrow, because I'm buried in catch-up right now.

A few excerpts, though.

Most Terrifying Thing I Heard All Week: "My left shoe is getting pretty tight."

Eli 14.0 already wears a size 14 sneaker. I'm not sure where you get size 15 shoes. Outer space, maybe?

The Boy Has Large Hands:

That's a regulation NBA basketball.

Here's What Happens When You Do Laundry In The Sink, And Poorly:

Eli found a new chest protector in Detroit that actually fits. I don't know of any company on earth who could make money by supporting his physical demographic, but we appreciate it. This is how much he's grown in the last two years (that's his old chest protector):

More tomorrow.

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