Thursday, July 30, 2015

And Detroit is Here, Basically

We leave early Saturday morning. Gloria is staying home to take care of the tiny terror. I won't have access to my regular e-mail all week, so if you send me something, I won't respond until the 10th or later.

There's plenty of content written for next week that will auto-post while I'm gone, including a new Musiquarium from Chris Hornbostel.

Eli will be version 14.0 on Friday. It's hard to believe. And we have been so fortunate that he is still the same happy, warm kid he was ten years ago.

He's also a kangaroo. His trainer measured his vertical jump before his workout yesterday. Remember that he'd been measured after an introductory workout and his vertical was 26.5", but he was also tired.

Yesterday? 29.5". Yikes.

My vertical, when I was in college, was 29".

"I've got the family record now, old man," Eli said in the car yesterday, laughing.

"Yes, twenty-nine and a half with an asterik," I said.

"What? An asterik? Why?"

"I think Jason may have mismeasured by two to three inches," I said. "That's kind of a complicate device, and I thought I saw him make a mistake."

"Now that's just sad," Eli said, laughing.

"I'll remove the asterik when you hit thirty inches," I said. "Or when you dunk. You may dunk by the time you're fifteen."

"I may be taller than you by the time I'm fifteen," he said.

"With an asterik," I said.

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