Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Unsuitable for Boarding (the big little cat post) and There's Been a Starcastle Sighting

Yes, I'm combining cats and prog rock today. Stir well.

"I'm picking up Gracie today," Gloria said about noon.

"You are? That's great!" I said. She just had surgery two days ago.

"Well, not exactly," she said. "The vet said she was 'unsuitable for boarding'."

"Uh oh," I said.

"She's started howling and hissing at anyone that gets near her," Gloria said.

"Seven and a half pounds of unchained fury," I said.

Apparently, she managed to terrify everyone at the vet hospital. Behold the great beast!

Since she is apparently banned from boarding, Gloria is staying here while we go to Detroit. I think she would have stayed, anyway, because she didn't want to board her so soon after surgery. Cats are usually fine if someone comes by once a day and feeds them and cleans litter boxes, but Gracie needs closer attention right now.

I had to go pick up a few things at the pet store for Gracie's crate, and on my way home I was listening to Sirius XM--the Deep Tracks channel.

It's a great channel for hearing songs that you haven't heard in decades.

Then I heard a song and I couldn't believe it ever existed. I'd forgotten it existed, actually, but as soon as it started playing I remembered.

The band was named "Starcastle." Starcastle was a bunch of guys who thought they were in Yes combined with a keyboards player who thought he was in Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Plus sometimes the drummer thought he was in Rush.

It was ridiculous, but it was amazing, too. The first song off their first album was ten minutes long. It was ridiculous, but in sort of a great way. Who does that? Who would even try that?

It's called "Lady of the Lake."

Over ten minutes long and entirely unapologetic. You can listen to it here:
Starcastle - "Lady Of The Lake".

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