Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Quick Hitters

We were watching highlights on MLB Network.

"Boy, they make it look like a baseball game is non-stop excitement," Gloria said. "No shots of guys walking around scratching their hmm hmm somethings."

A little later, Eli 14.0 opened up a birthday card from Gloria that started playing Latin music, and Gloria started dancing. "I'm gonna shut that down," Eli said, closing the card.

We grilled (actually, Gloria did) for the first time in about five years a few weeks ago.

There were some problems. In particular, getting the charcoal to light.

"Did we get the safety charcoal?" I asked at one point.

We watched the CrossFit Championships last weekend (we were desperate, and it was on). "More like the BroFit Championships," Eli said. "Pronounced bra-fit, of course."

"That's bra-some," I said. Eli burst out laughing.

What's scary is that I bet "bra-some" is an actual word for some guys.

My biggest fear for Eli is that some day he'll listen to a Foreigner song--and like it.

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