Friday, August 07, 2015

Friday Links!

This is an particularly solid collection of links, with some excellent long reads.

From DQ Reader My Wife, and this is an amazing story about incubators: Babies On Display: When A Hospital Couldn't Save Them, A Sideshow Did.

From Steven Davis, and this needs no explanation: Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written.

This is just tremendous, and I had no idea it was a thing: I Can’t Stop Watching These Crazy Assholes Play Indoor Bike Soccer.

This is a fascinating read about an epic and repellent character: Joe Gould's Teeth: The long-lost story of the longest book ever written.

I'd certainly like one of these, please: The Skysphere.

From C. Lee, and this is an entirely fantastic read: The Singular Mind of Terry Tao: A prodigy grows up to become one of the greatest mathematicians in the world.

This is an amazing find: Scientists Discover Identities of Four Jamestown Settlers.

What a story: Potsdam’s Nightmare: What Happened to Garrett Phillips?

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