Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Links!

From Brian Witte, and this is fascinating: A Thrift Store Find Yields an Astronomical Mystery.

From Steven Davis, and this is remarkable: The World’s Oldest Multicolored Printed Book Has Been Opened and Digitized for the First Time. Also, and this is stunning: The Most Honored Photograph. This is quite beautiful: Bend It Like Thonet.

From Mads Phikamphon, and this is an interesting interview: Kris Holm – The World’s Leading Mountain Unicyclist.

From C. Lee, and this is highly entertaining: Golden Goal – Virtual Reality Football from Norway.

From Joshua Buergel, and this is both funny and fascinating in the way we respond to different musical chords: Famous horror themes re-recorded in a major key are adorable.

From Michael Gilbert, and I've never even heard of these: Lovin' their elevator: why Germans are loopy about their revolving lifts. Also, and tilt shift is unquestionably the best, it's Haneda Airport Tilt Shift and Time Lapse. One more, and it's fantastic: New Horizons Pluto flyby.

From 3Suns, and this is an amazing story: Meet the science teacher who lost 60 pounds eating nothing but McDonald's three meals a day. Also, and this is a terrific read, it's The invisible network that keeps the world running.

This is quite a terrific article: ON THE BALL, CITY: Steady on, Norwich, now is your chance. And this as well: This man’s been searching for the Loch Ness monster for over 20 years.

Closing out this week, and I can't even begin to express how much I like this: Banksy's Ironic 'Bemusement Park' Opens in England.

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