Monday, October 05, 2015

Hockey Update

Eli 14.2 lost his first game of the season on Saturday.

In his defense, he made 30 saves on 31 shots and lost in a 15-round shootout. And he saved 12 of the first 14 shots in the shootout.

I've never heard of a longer shootout. 15 rounds takes a long, long time.

It was quite a game, probably the best game he's ever played. In 31 shots, there was exactly 1 shot that he didn't catch, cover, or direct into the corner. And, of course, they scored on that one rebound.


He played not nearly as well on Sunday, but won 5-2.

He's played 8 games this season, with 7 wins and 1 loss in a shootout. Goals against average of 1.72.
Save percentage of .931.

In terms of quality of play, it's the best stretch he's ever had. And he's earned it, inch by inch, with the hard work he's put in.

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