Thursday, October 08, 2015

Move, Countermove

I have this habit (I prefer to call it a "technique") of walking into Gloria's study, delivering information, and quickly exiting.

I did that today.

As I was reaching the edge of her study, she said "Eh eh eh eh eh." I'm not sure I spelled that correctly in a phonetic sense, but it was the universal sound that means "don't do that."

"Yes?" I asked, actually meaning "no."

"I think I've figured something out," she said. "When you look at me when you're talking, I'm more likely to remember what you say. I seem to remember poorly when you're not looking at me."

Just unpack that statement for a minute. Let it roll around in your brain for a little while. It is absolutely a compressed piece of genius.

"So I have to weigh an increased chance of you remembering what I said versus a reduced chance of me being able to get out of the study after I say it," I said.

"Hmph," she said, not approvingly.

"This is a complex situation," I said. "It requires further study."

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