Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rebel Galaxy (part two)

Here's a screenshot of me heading toward a scientific station while in warp. This is probably the least exciting screenshot I could have taken all day (sorry about that), but just look at those colors:

It's a beautiful, beautiful game, and there are a few touches that are just masterful. For example, around space stations there's a decent amount of space junk floating around (and I'll get a screenshot of that tomorrow).

I'm continuing with my merchant career, running trade missions, but I've upgraded ships and have a bit more firepower, so I'm answering a few distress beacons. I've slapped a few fools down and been rewarded quite fairly by the mining ships I've rescued.

This is a highly dynamic universe, and things are happening whether you're involved or not, which makes it a huge amount of fun to intervene. Distress beacons, transponders, enemy ships, asteroid fields--all kinds of things can happen when you're going from point A to point B, and you can stop to investigate any or all of them.

An example: I was looking at the map today and noticed a cross by one of the stations. I didn't know what that meant, so I zoomed in and found out the station was experiencing a famine.

That sounded interesting, so I loaded up with Yikyak meat and headed that way. I figured I'd either donate the meat (if possible) as a humanitarian gesture or (dark side emerging) I'd try to sell it at what would presumably be a ridiculously high price.

An aid ship got there before I did, but I e-mailed Travis about what would have happened if I'd gotten there first, and he replied: if you'd gotten there first, you would have made a killing :) Also, you could have intercepted and destroyed the relief vessels, stolen all the food, and then the famine would have gone on much longer while you profited.

Evil me says "Oh, yes."

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