Monday, October 26, 2015

Sacred Knowledge, Passed Down From Father to Son

We had a "weather event' last weekend.

Ten inches of rain here. Ten inches everywhere else within driving distance, basically. It was intense.

So, of course, we had to drive to Houston for league games.

We made it, and back, with Gloria doing all of the driving. So after we got home on Saturday (still raining), she went out to have dinner. Before she left, though, she ordered pizza for us.

When the pizza came, I put it on the kitchen counter and started distribution. I handed Eli 14.2 a small paper plate with a slice on it, and he said "Those plates are flimsy."

"Yes," I said, "but not when you use two. When you use two, they're sturdy."

He looked at his plate. It was actually two plates, and solid.

"I like your thinking," he said.

We ate our pizza. Since he was eating about five slices, I finished first. "Now," I said, "here's the best part of using two plates." I walked over to the counter, where we also had a pan of brownies (thanks, Papa John's). "All you do is reverse the plates. Now the clean plate is on top. Ready for dessert."

I reversed the plates and put fresh-baked brownie on the clean plate on top. And smiled.

"Oh my God," Eli said, laughing. "How are we not RUNNING the world?"

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