Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rebel Galaxy (part three)

Three screenshots right off the bat today:

The title screen is live, so you can just sit there and watch for a while. Man, it's beautiful.

I was trying to play this as a rogue-like, but I got blown up today because I was being stupid and had to revert to a save. Ran into a big mess of hostiles and wasn't monitoring my condition closely enough to know when to get the hell out. Discretion is the better part of not getting your ass blown up, as it were.

I reloaded the save, and the next time I was in that situation, I looked for friendly militia vessels nearby, flew over toward them--the bad guys racing behind me--and our combined firepower took every enemy down quickly.

Also today, I monitored a supply convoy coming into Rust City, and after it arrived, took advantage of the temporary flush supply of goods to buy some stuff on the cheap.

Here's a useful note for when you start playing the game next week. The mining laser, in addition to enabling you to mine asteroids, is a phenomenal short range weapon. Get close, the laser locks on, and it will obliterate some of the less dangerous ships. It doesn't work on everything, but it's devastating when it does.

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