Thursday, November 05, 2015

Halloween 2015 (part one)

I thought I would have the costume count completed today, along with the post, but there were so many submissions this year that I just finished the count. Eli 14.4 has High School hockey tonight (playing against one of his best hockey friends, who is also a goalie), so we're leaving soon.

However, here is some info to tide you over until Monday.

Total costumes tallied: 1240. This may be a record, and if it's not, it's certainly one of the best years we've had doing this.

You'll need to click on the map to enlarge it, but the red dots represent people reporting. All dots are in the right province/state, but not necessarily the exact city location.

Oh, and one more:

Cumbernauld, Scotland, to be precise.

So we had a slew of people reporting this year, which is very fun. Plus our first count from a Manhattan high-rise.

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